About Us & Lapland

We are an ex-pat family living in Lapland for years. We immediately fell in love with nature at first sight and can guarantee you will too.

Life in the North is unique, much different than living in a big city, or even in the countryside of a more densely populated area. There are more reindeer than people here, probably that tells a lot.

Not to mention the weather. The summers are short, but the midnight sun never sets. The winter has a tremendous amount of snow and total darkness. That’s the time for the polar night, which lasts from days to months, depending on how north you are.

But even in winter, there are miracles. The northern lights may dance the night sky while you sip your coffee in your living room and stare out of the window.

Lapland is a place to need to experience on your own to get the full ‘package’.

About Amazing Lapland blog

Amazing Lapland was created with our passion for nature and the vast lands of Lapland to inspire those who would like to visit the Nordics, whether it is Finland, Sweden, or Norway. Snowy fells, fjords, snow-capped trees, and more waiting for you.

You can read about the best of all these countries that have a smaller or bigger piece from Lapland.

We would like to share our best tips and trick with you to help you plan a unique vacation or just to learn more about the nature, culture, and indigenous Sami people of this region.