Grense Jakobselv from Kirkenes

Grense Jakobselv is a great day trip from Kirkenes if you have your own transport. The Grense Jakobselv area is located near the Russian border at the easternmost point of mainland Norway. This area is a great day trip from Kirkenes and includes a small hike, the country’s oldest log mountain, and the Chapel of King Oscar II.

How to get to Grense Jakobselv from Kirkenes?

You need to have a car, or other transport arranged. The road is totally driveable by an RV as well.

The journey took more than an hour, despite being only 54 km from Kirkenes.

Grense Jakobselv

At Grense Jakobselv you can also find a small grocery store, a gas station, and a cafe. There is also a very basic campsite with toilets and showers but no power outlets. This campsite is located right on the beach and has an excellent view of the Barents Sea. We paid about NOK 200 (EUR 20) per night for a regular camping spot without power. If you want to camp here, I recommend arriving early in the day as only a few spots are available.

Chapel of King Oscar II

The Chapel of King Oscar II (King Oscar II Chapel in English, Kong Oscar II Chapel in Norwegian) is a stone church erected to avoid former border disputes. It is definitely a better solution than sending warships to the area, which has also been raised to deal with the locals’ ongoing conflict.

All in all, Grense Jakobselv is a great day trip from Kirkenes and definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

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