Cold weather packing list: winter packing list for Norway

Whether you travel to Norway , Sweden or Finland in winter, you must dress warm and comfortable. Check out this winter packing list to Norway!

A good trip always needs a little glam. No matter what the weather or the place, you need a few essentials to grab along the way. There will be things that are essentials to pack, and things you may want to add as extras. For places that are cold, you may want to drop a few essentials on the list to pack for your trip. The Nordic countries are indeed cold. Whether you travel to Norway , Sweden or Finland in winter, you must dress warm and comfortable.

Winter packing list for cold weather

The list below should help you make up your mind about the things you require on your trip to Norway, Sweeden, or Finland. You have to be prepared for the fun journey ahead, but precaution and safety should also be kept in mind. 

Getting started: How cold is it in Norway?

Well, you can expect the frozen lakes and the cold breath when you get to Norway. The normal winter temperature near the shore may vary from -5°C to 5°C in the south, but in the north, a.k.a. Lapland and the mountains can be a lot colder!

Don’t forget mother nature may always have a trick up her sleeve and can sometimes drop the temperature to 2-digit numbers at maybe the most unexpected times. You need to make sure you’re packing warm clothes and not have a beach in mind. It’s a winter wonderland up there. 

You also need to be sure of what types of explorations you want. If you’re going for an outdoor exploration scene where you’re going up the mountains and enjoying the snow and skiing, you’ll need to pack warmer clothes and a few extras. In cities, you can get away with less clothes, and if you are cold, you can just stop by a place to warm up.

If you go on a tour, such as husky rides or northern lights tours, make sure you dress properly. You also should contact a tour guide for proper know-how of what your routine will be. Also, to add to a guide, some agencies provide a good deal with the tour, and they add on clothes and warm gear for outdoor activities. Clearing this beforehand will give more luggage space, no mess of carrying the warm gear, and maybe even save a few bucks if you forget to pack the gear and have to eventually buy it from local shops. 

However, I suggest bringing along winter gear, even if you get extra clothes on tours, but you probably still want to spend some time outside and don’t wanna catch a cold.

If you decide to go for warmer activities like exploring museums and staying more for the food and the cozy experiences, you may not need a lot of the warm stuff. Just the casual layers which make you feel warm and aren’t supposed to protect you from the arctic snow. 

You should also be aware of the fact that Norway does not come cheap. It is an amazing place to spend your holidays, but it will be expensive, so make sure you’re packed and ready to spoil yourself. From delicious food and warm drinks, it’s a vacation. 

Now let’s move on to things you should pack when it comes to Norway. You should be dressed to keep yourself warm and dry. The snow and the atmosphere may cause normal wear to be a little damp, and the cold weather will only make you freeze up. 

Norway winter packing list


The first step to building up your outfit should be the base layer, such as these merino wool layers. The foundation of everything should be solid to ensure the rest of the building process is smooth and easy. So the underwear you choose should always be thermal.

The thermal underwear (even non-wool version) makes it easy for you to stay warm, and it removes moisture from your body and does not make you uncomfortable or make you itch in random places. These are comfortable and keep you warm and dry; this ensures you have a good trip no matter where you are. If it gets too warm and you do sweat a little, it won’t be a problem, and you’ll continue to keep your cool and compose yourself. 

Of course, you can’t move around the city in just thermal underwear. You’ll need to add more layers after to keep yourself fashion-forward and properly warm. 


Now standing out is honestly appreciated in the city; from Gucci to PRADA, no matter what pants you choose, people might just appreciate them. Another fact is that you will see locals wear warm and practical pants and it is highly recommended instead of being just fashionable.

So basically, what I am trying to say is that any pants can work, but if you’re looking for specifics, make sure you buy pants that are waterproof or at least water-resistant. They should not absorb moisture or continue to keep to retain any of the water. If the water is retained, it will end up making the pants wet and not comfortable. They’ll get cold and are not recommended for long outdoor trips around the city. So we do not recommend jeans, but other winter trousers.

You don’t need to redo your whole wardrobe for this trip but adding a few essentials may just be helpful. 


One of the most essential items. Keeping your feet warm is very important. You know how it feels when your body is warm, but your feet are cold; no one likes that feeling. And getting socks that are extremely warm only makes your feet sweaty and weird.

That’s definitely what you don’t want; having sweaty feet will only make them colder once the cold reaches your feet. Buy synthetic socks which are slim and do not make your feet extra warm or make them sweat. These socks will also keep your feet sweat-free. Woolen socks can be extra thin, or just normal but keep your feet dry and warm.


A good base layer of thermal underwear can let you go by with almost any shirt. Add them as a fashion accessory or buy ones that are buttoned up; they can always be opened if you get too warm. And wearing them is pretty easy. 

They’re good for hanging around town, but if you’re going to colder places and aren’t feeling too good about extra layers, then skip the shirt and go straight for a thick sweater. 


This may not sound like the most interesting thing to add to your list since they’re thick and take up too much space. But having a cozy wool sweater is one of the most heavenly feelings you can have when the weather is cold, and all you want is warmth.

A good wool sweater will be your best friend in the winters of Norway, and if paired with good boots and sleek pants, you can get up as being a basic fashion icon. They’re absolutely beautiful to admire, and they’re the best things for casual dinners and outings. 

Snow pants

I know they sound new, but the name suggests what they are. And yes, they are essential when it comes to being in the snow and needing a pair of good pants which don’t let water seep in and don’t make you feel cold at all. 

These pants are good for outings and are widely available and can be bought at good prices too. They’re a good addition for anyone who’s looking to spend a good time in the snow.  Check them here.


Winter jackets are super common, and they’re essential in cold times. These can be worn at any time, and they’re super common too, considering the popularity they’ve been made into more fashion-forward styles as well. Ski jackets perfectly fit the purpose.


Nordic people tend to wear these as well, and they’re solid boots with rubber soles that help to prevent frostbite and help maintain a warm environment for your feet to be in. They’re a good choice for anyone who’s down for an adventure every day in Norway. 

Material things to add 

We’ve discussed what you need when it comes to dressing appropriately and in ways that make you warm and don’t let you be all vulnerable in the cold snow. 

But these are things you should carry around while on tour, or basically, anywhere you travel. 


A powerbank is a portable electronic device that is good for almost any trip. It the super compact and will help you keep your electronics charged at all times. These also come with multiply charming ports which help in charging multiple phones at once. This helps the whole family. These portable chargers are needed charging, so make sure you remember to plug them in before you sleep for a day of handy charging.

I use this powerbank during my trips to Lapland.


These may not sound important, but if you struggle with stomach issues frequently and love food, you may want to have a few soothing medicines which you already are accustomed to using to ensure you don’t have to run around places trying to find a good place to buy medicines which may not be available. You should also pack migraine medicines if you struggle with them; constantly not being in your comfort zone can have you being a little stressed out, and this should b the bat way to solve your problems. 

Keeping a few extras

If you’re planning on something this exciting, you never know what could keep you, and you may have to deal with staying a few more days. So always keep this in mind and pack a few extras. Always be prepared for a longer stay. 


These were a few essentials which we think you should give in the winter on your next trip to Norway. Keep a little more cash if needed, and don’t hold out once you’re there. Enjoy yourself and make sure the memories are worth it. Make sure you don’t hold back on any opportunity and experience new things to the full extent. Happy holidays. 

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