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Christmas in Lapland Finland

Rovaniemi, Levi and Ylläs are some of the best places in Lapland, Finland, to experience Christmas.

When Christmas is near, everyone’s so busy making the preparations for it at their workplace, around the city, etc. Still, if you are a person who wants to explore more on this Christmas eve and want to go to Lapland, Finland, to explore more about Christmas eve, then you are precisely in the right place.

We have the ultimate guide that will tell you why Christmas is so special in Lapland, Finland. Along with how to celebrate it, what places you should explore and how to make this year’s Christmas eve more fun. Watch the northern lights from your bed after an adventure-filled Santa visit? So, just relax and give this article a read to know more.

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When is the best time to visit Lapland, Finland?

Without a doubt, December is the best time to visit Lapland for a perfect Christmas holiday.

However, the Christmas feel runs around Lapland, Finland, throughout the year. Still, if you want a snowy and special holiday along with a Christmassy vibe with your family this eve, then the best time to go to Lapland, Finland, is between November to December.

Now you must be thinking about what’s so special in November – December. Right? Well, you will be surprised to hear that there are hardly any days in Lapland, Finland, with the sunlight, which means you get to enjoy those gloomy blue nights with the special Christmassy vibe everywhere.

santa claus village rovaniemi

When does Christmas take place in Lapland, Finland?

As we have mentioned before, the best time to visit Lapland, Finland, is between November to December, as in November, the Christmas season starts in the Rovaniemi. Once the Christmas season is declared, all the Christmas-related things begin.

Moreover, you get to enjoy all the snow and snowy vibe, making your Christmas eve more special and adventurous.

As you might have supposed, November – December is a peak time to go to Lapland, Finland, as there are many tourists, so the best thing to do is plan your trip in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

Do you know who announces the Christmas season? Well, the Rovaniemi has a Santa Claus village, which is the official hometown of Santa Claus. And, they are the people who declare the Christmas season; that’s when all the preparation and things begin.

What makes Christmas so unique in Lapland?

Do you know the winter is all dark in Lapland, Finland, giving that Christmassy vibe everyone desires? There are some days and even weeks without any sunlight in Lapland, making it a perfect spot for Christmas eve.

Moreover, the Santa Claus Village, the hometown of Santa Claus, is a big reason behind making this place so famous for Christmas eve.

What is the best place to spot Santa in Lapland, Finland?

santa claus in Lapland

Without any doubt, the best place to see or spot Santa Claus during the Christmas season is the Rovaniemi.

You can guarantee that he’s there as he lives there and roams around the Rovaniemi. Mostly, he’s hanging around the Santa Claus village and is always cheerful to meet children and adults.

What things should you do in Lapland, Finland, to make your Christmas eve more Christmassy?

There are so many things to do in Lapland, Finland, to make this year’s Christmas more adventurous. To enjoy that Christmassy and snowy vibe, you should assuredly do the following things.

Dine-in at Snow Hotel

The first thing you should consider doing in Lapland, Finland, is dining at a Snow Hote during Christmas. Even if you are not looking to stay there, you can still enjoy the vibe of eating in a Snow Hotel, which is just awesome. 

 You can’t imagine the vibe you get while eating. It’s just beyond the imagination. The following thing is one of the most popular ones on most people’s bucket lists as it’s assuredly a unique thing to do.

Visit the snow hotel and have dinner by booking this experience.

Ride with the Huskies

visit huskies in Lapland

Have you ever met a husky in the snow before? No? Well, in Lapland, Finland, you can make your dream come true. Imagine meeting a bunch of huskies and going on a ride with them in the snow. Isn’t it just fantastic? 

Husky rides are available in most locations, for example, in Rovaniemi, Levi, Ylläs.

husky safari Lapland

Enjoy a ride on the snowmobile

Do you know the snow covers the land of Lapland entirely? Which is an adventurous thing for many people. Heading out on a snowmobile while the grounds are all covered up in the snow is a must thing to do in Lapland.


Go on a Northern lights tour

northern lights in Lapland

The northern lights are the epic phenomenon of the Lapland. But to see the lights of the north, you will have to escape the light pollution of the city. And, if you’re staying in Rovaniemi, just spend a night outside of the snow hotel so that you could have high chances of spotting northern lights.

Check out these northern lights tours:

Do visit Santa Park and Santa Claus Village

santa claus sign in Finnish joulupukki

Every person wants to meet Santa but doesn’t know where to know more about him and the place where you could have high chances to meet him? Well, you should visit Santa Park and Santa Claus Village.

Wondering where it is located? Well, it’s in the Rovaniemi.

Santa Village Tours are available – if you don’t want to do it on your own.

Dig for your own Christmas gift in the Amethyst mine

Do you know an actual Amethyst mine located in Lapland allows you to dig your own amethyst and take that piece with yourself? Isn’t it just surprising? Well, it’s one of the most adventurous things you could do in Lapland during Christmas. 

Visit Ranua Wildlife Park

Moreover, you could also consider the piece as a Christmas gift, if you are a child at heart, give a visit to Ranua Wildlife Park

Always wanted to visit a northern zoo but couldn’t make that dream come true? Well, now you can. The Ranua Wildlife Park is a famous northernmost zoo where you could meet different arctic animals. Moreover, you could also meet with the Polar bears, and trust me; the Ranua Wildlife is the only place where you could see polar bears in Finland.

Following is the list of must-do things in Lapland. Plan your trip to Lapland, Finland now, and don’t forget to do the things mentioned above to make your Christmas eve more Christmassy.

What are the best places to visit in Lapland for better Christmas experiences?

Lapland has a lot of famous places which are considered tourist spots. However, when the Lapland is entirely covered up in the snow, every place gives a Christmassy vibe but to make your trip memorable, you assuredly need some places to make your journey more adventurous.

Here’s the list of some places that are a must-visit for better Christmas experiences.


Santa Clause Village Rovaniemi

As we have mentioned earlier, the Rovaniemi is a special place for the people who want to enjoy that Christmassy vibe as it’s the home of Santa Claus. You should always start your trip from Rovaniemi.

There are so many things to do in Rovaniemi, and it is a fun place for families. The most favorite places in the Rovaniemi are Santa Claus village and Santa Claus park as there are high chances to meet in person with Santa Claus himself. You can also visit Elf school and don’t forget to post your letter to Santa Claus at the Santa Claus post office.

Popular tours in Rovaniemi:

PYHA (Pyhä in Finnish)

If you really want to see the northern lights and most notable if you are a fan of skiing, then Pyha is the place for you. Pyhä has a lot of beautiful locations to explore, along with a skiing resort. And, it is a great place to see the lights of the north.

You can go on a guided tour to the National Park from Rovaniemi, or rent a car and drive there on your own. The driving time takes 1.5-2 hours, depending on the driving conditions.


levi in winter lapland finland

Levi, another incredible place in Lapland, which gives the Christmassy vibes. The Levi is a hotspot for tourists, and it also has places for skiing. If you can’t go to PYHA, you can go to Levi, and if you love skiing, you are assuredly going to love this place called Levi.

The most remarkable thing about this place is that it has the world’s most epic ice hotel. It was themed as a famous show, Game of Thrones, also known as GoT for two years, which absolutely looked terrific for many years, but every second year it gets a new design. You can also stay there but remember it’s going to be very cold.

Experiences in Levi that you shouldn’t miss:

What are the best hotels to stay in for those Christmasy vibes?

When you plan a trip, you assuredly look for the best hotels, and when it comes to Christmas, it’s just mandatory to look for the hotels that give you the best Christmassy vibes.

So, here’s the list of some hotels that you don’t want to miss out on.


This fantastic hotel is located in the Rovaniemi, and trust me; it’s a beautiful place to stay with your family. It’s even close to the Santa Claus Village and isn’t very far from the airport, making it convenient for you to reach there easily. 

Moreover, the thing that makes this hotel so unique is its design. It’s one of the most bizarre hotel designs in the world. Feel the experience of living in a luxury treehouse. Check availability here!


best hotels in Lapland in winter

The snow hotel is exactly what it’s named. You would be surprised to hear that it’s made of snow where you could actually live in. Isn’t it just amazing? Or, if you are looking for a little warmer place, you can easily stay in the Glass Igloos, which also increases your chance to see the northern lights from your room.

The snow hotel is located outside the Rovaniemi. Check availability here!

Check out our list of the best northern lights hotels in Lapland here!


Planning a trip on this year’s Christmas eve and looking for a perfect place to celebrate Christmas with all the Christmassy and snowy vibes? Well, Lapland, Finland is the most suitable place that you should explore, especially during Christmas.

Make all of your bookings in advance as it’s a tourist hotspot during November – December. Enjoy the snowy gloomy blue nights of Christmas in Lapland along with your family. And, I bet you never had the Christmas experience you are going to get in Lapland.

So, start packing your bags and visit this beautiful place. And, don’t forget to read the entire article to know more about where you should stay, what things to do, etc., and don’t miss out on any adventurous stuff.

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