Best Things to Do in Alta, Norway

Alta is prestigious for its ironic culture, customs, and history. Check out the best things to do in Alta, Norway!

Alta is a well-known northernmost town located in Norway. It is prestigious for its ironic culture, customs, and history. Alta is the greatest town in the northern area, and it is generally so easy to get there by land or air. The region is a mainstream location spot for tourists since it has mountains, waterfront scenes, forests, and other extraordinary highlights that you must visit.

In Alta, you will experience countless fun activities like fishing, climbing, trekking, and biking. Alta has gone through many superb changes over the long haul, and it is in transit to be named one of the ecologically sustainable areas. It is a must-see city between Nordkapp and the gorgeous Lofoten.

The point is to diminish the myths about the travel industry, and doing this will provide the tourists with some unforgettable experiences.

Where is Alta?

Alta is situated at 375kms in the Arctic Circle. The area of Alta is commonly known as Norwegian Lapland. This town has a population of only 20 thousand people. But as now the population is rising, the number of activities and number of shops and restaurants is also increasing.

The location of Alta is worth visiting for its history in fishing and farming. This town has been reconstructed after the noteworthy destructions in World War II.

Why is Alta Worth Visiting?

Considering the adventures and experience, Alta is the best tourist place in Europe. One of the best experiences is the Northern Lights in Norway. If you are planning to see the northern lights, then you must visit Alta. You can enjoy snowmobiling across the wonderful mountain scenes of Alta. If you have a long spring vacation, you should visit Alta so that you will experience the beauty of Norway for many days.

The most surprising feature is that Alta has good time exercises throughout the late spring and the colder time of year; thus, you won’t miss an activity to do when you visit the region.

You should visit various spots in the location, like, Northern Cape, Kirkenes, and Tromsø. All these places are located inside the district. You can investigate these areas along Norway’s wonderful coastline.

How Can You Get to Alta?

Alta is one of the primary towns located in Finnmark province, arranged 70 degrees towards the Northern latitude. You can get to Alta through a bus, plane, or cruise ship.

You can get a local flight from a nearby airport and connect them. Oslo International Airport will get you a flight that will take you to Alta in just two hours. Many transport services go around the town. If you are visiting in winter, you can also book a cruise ship that stays in Alta for a couple of days.

Best Things to Do in Alta, Norway

Alta is the best destination to visit during your vacations. You won’t run out of fun activities that you can do in this town. Below we have mentioned some of the fun activities that you must do in Alta.

Alta Museum: World Heritage Rock Art Centre

Alta Museum: World Heritage Rock Art Centre

Another must-see in the city is the Rock Art of Alta, Northern Europe’s largest concentration of rock art made by hunter-gatherers thousands of years ago.

Rock Painting and Rock Carving Alta Norway

Rock Art comprises both rock carvings and rock paintings made from 7000 to 2000 years ago. The rock art in Alta was inscribed into UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1985 as the only prehistoric monument in Norway.

Currently, the exhibition covers approximately 6000 figures, including 50 rock paintings in five different sites: 4 sites with rock carvings (Hjemmeluft, Kåfjord, Amtmannsnes, and Storsteinen) and 1 site with rock paintings (Transfarelv). Most of the figures and rock carvings are in Hjemmeluft, Alta.

You can find ticket prices here. They depend on the time of the year.

Explore the Northern Lights

Alta Northern Lights Tours

Alta is an astounding place in Norway. It is included in the best places to watch the Northern Lights. Whether you are going in the colder time of year or the late spring, these Northern lights are a must experience for you. You can look at the climate reports before you set out on your outing. This will save you from some unforgiving weather.

At the point when the skies are clear, you can appreciate the light show. You can also enjoy the meals in the neighborhood as you watch the Northern Lights show. We recommend that you should visit this place with a local who knows how to photograph. Along these lines, you will have a great time as you investigate and take stunning photographs with the lights.

Northern Lights Cathedral

Northern Lights Cathedral Alta Norway

You can also visit the Northern Lights Cathedral, which was constructed in the year 2013. This cathedral has some special features that you will never experience in any other cathedral of this region.

Northern Lights Cathedral Alta Norway

Experience a Night Stay in Igloos

Perhaps the most important thing you can do while on your vacation to Alta is to go through a night in an igloo. Igloos can be amazing for night stays.

You most likely will have reindeer skin and a sleeping bag, but do bring warm clothing, and pocket heaters to have a great night’s stay in the igloos.

Check out the amazing Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel for your perfect winter experience!

Experience Snowmobiling

The most energizing exercise that you can appreciate in this area is snowmobiling. It is a great activity that permits you to move from one area then onto the next. The snowboarding activities also take place in the evening so that you can enjoy snowmobiling at any time of the day.

In any case, the finest time for snowmobiling is throughout the day since you can see the cold scene and the encompassing regions. It is fundamental that you generally play it safe, travel with the appropriate stuff, and trek with trekking boots.

Experience Dog Sledding

An interesting exercise that you can do throughout the colder time of year duration is to go dogsledding. There are lovely dogs that will take you on an unforgettable trip, and the most astonishing route is to sled with the cutest huskies. It might be ideal that you figure out how to control the sled before going on the visit. You can also have a guided visit if you want to have a challenging activity. The best occasions to do dogsledding are from mid of December to the end of April.

Watch the Whales

If you love nature and its astonishing views, you must see the whales in Alta fjord. The orcas and humpback whales are always seen around the Alta fjord so that you can experience living whales in real life. To have a closer view of nature’s best creature, whales, you can take an inflatable boat to travel nearer to them.   

Alta Canyon – Hiking in Alta

alta canyon hiking

Especially from spring till autumn, Alta Canyon gives a perfect possibility for getting to know the nature near the city. Read more about the hike here.

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